Happy Mama

Happy Mama – Via Skype

With Happy Mama, we’ll go through all the family activities run by you, re-evaluating and streamlining them, in order to lift some weight off your shoulders.

What I can help you with:

  • How to draw up a weekly menu meeting the dietary requirements of all members of the family.
  • How to manage the commitments of the whole family: how to keep track of it all, not lose the materials needed and how to find them in a flash when you need them.
  • Getting others to help you: what and how to delegate tasks to all the members of the family (young children included).
  • Paperwork: homework, bills, taxes, etc. How to draw up documents, create a schedule and file it all away.
  • How to plan your days to fit in personal, professional and family commitments, leave some free time for yourself and not lose sight of your own objectives.

For the following services, consultation is onsite in the presence of the client.
We will decide together the duration of the intervention on the basis of an inspection visit or introductory chat + material sent.

Happy Home

Happy Home –

Our home should be a place that makes us feel at ease, where we can enjoy our family, invite friends over and create wonderful memories. That’s why sometimes it’s necessary to free our homes from the unnecessary, rethink the living spaces and simplify our habits.

What I can help you with:

  • Reorganising space before the arrival of a new baby
  • Reorganising a bedroom before the arrival of a new brother or sister
  • Home office: how to make your home office a calm and functional space.
  • Wardrobe: decluttering and organisation to save time, money and make the most of your style
  • Kitchen pantry: stocking and keeping it in order, avoiding waste and making the most of available space

Happy Kids

Happy Kids –
Tidy kids

Parents’ educational challenges are endless, whether it’s small babies or teenagers you are dealing with. Indeed though, one of the most important tasks of a parent is to teach a method that kids can apply autonomously to different situations.

What I can help you with:

  • Tidiness: organising toys, books, craft material
  • Homework: prioritising, planning and breaking it down
  • Schoolbag and materials: why and how to keep them in order and how this influences school results
  • Self-study: paragraphs, underlining, summaries and bullet points, as well as repeating out loud. A guide to getting perfect test results
  • Organising your desk to study with no distractions

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